About Riemann

Professional and straightforward

The media and entertainment business includes as any business area both written and unwritten rules. With method, relations and workflows that take time and experience to understand and embrace professionally.

For more than 10 years, we have adviced production companies, distributors, and talent in Scandinavia. Our services covers everything from advising on financial structures, contract negotiations, legal opinions and litigation.

We appreciate a straightforward relationship with our clients and our team is not bigger than we can afford to maintain the best persons on the team from the beginning and throughout the assignment.

Anders Kildsgaard

Attorney-at-Law LL.M. admitted to the High Court

+45 24 26 18 19

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Bjarke Vejby

Attorney-at-Law, admitted to the Danish Supreme Court

+45 27 85 30 88

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Pia Jee Skou Eilertsen


+45 31 67 29 65

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