Is it actionable to call someone a ‘fraud’?

False or defamatory mention of your person or company may be provocative and devastating; not only for your pride and reputation, but also for your professional life. Much of our value, both as individuals as well as companies, is attached to our names and reputation. Today, malicious rumors and false news are spread faster than ever through social media and online newspapers, and often legal actions a required in order to effectively put a stop to them.

The costs of pursuing anti-defamatory case, are however a just concern. Riemann is specialized in handling anti-defamation cases. Hence, we are quickly able to accurately analyze, whether the best recourse would be to take legal actions or to remain passive. We have more than 20 years of experience with anti-defamation cases, during which we have successfully pursued several high-profile cases in Denmark.

Media Law and ethical codes of journalism are thus at the core of our advisory services. We provide our clients with strategic advice in all areas relating to Media Law, whether it be as counsel in anti-defamatory cases or advice on how to handle shit storms, reputation management, “the right to be forgotten”, violation of privacy, violation of freedom of speech, etc.

And yes, you can raise claim against someone calling you a fraud.

We assist our clients in cases of defamatory mention, how to handle shit storms, reputation management and cases of violation of privacy.

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