Pia Jee Skou Eilertsen, Of counsel 

Complex contracts in TV, Gaming, Film Production etc.

Pia Jee Skou Eilertsen specialises in legal advice in the digital and technology field, including media and entertainment. Based on many years of highly specialised experience in IT and outsourcing, her advice focuses in particular on the drafting and negotiation of complex contracts. This can include TV and film production as well as the development and distribution of digital content, such as e-learning, gaming, etc.

Pia Jee Skou Eilertsen always cooperates closely with her clients and thereby has a great understanding of the commercial reality in which the contracts are to be concluded.

We help with the legal aspects of everything from traditional software development to game development or the creation of new digital platforms.

Pia Jee Skou Eilertsen
Of counsel 

Professional and straightforward from start to finish

Our team is no bigger than we can guarantee that the advice is handled by the same person from start to finish. Due to our specialization and personal approach, we can offer a fast and efficient case management and thus advice on competitive terms.


Anders Kildsgaard

Lawyer (L), partner
One of the country's leading experts in his field


Anja Pil Christoffersen

On leave
Specialised in copyright and music rights


Bjarke Vejby

Lawyer (H), partner
Recognised specialist in labour law


Hans Zabell Abildstrøm

Lawyer (L), partner
IT law and digital solutions 


Jeannie Wulff

Legal Secretary
Pulling together the threads in an experienced way


vanetha brodersen

Assistant attorney
Rights management in all phases of film and TV production


Sofie Petersen

Law student (stud.jur.)
Focus on legal analysis and drafting of contracts