Labour law

In-depth knowledge in all areas of labour and employment law

Through many years of experience, Bjarke Vejby has acquired in-depth knowledge of all areas of labour and employment law, including personal data, collective labour law, discrimination, individual employment law, etc.

Due to Bjarke Vejby's many years of experience, he is co-author of the most important recent works in the field of labour and employment law.

Prevention before conflicts arise

It is important to be able to prevent labour law conflicts before they arise and possibly end up in court. The many and often complicated rules in this area can be difficult to understand, and the consequences of conflicts can be significant for both employer and employee.

We know the intricacies of the law in this area, and can advise on practical solutions and ways forward. Our advice can cover everything from contracts, terminations, collective agreements, changes to terms and conditions, non-competition clauses, individual agreements, agency work to litigation and arbitration. We provide advice to both employees and employers.


Bjarke Vejby

Lawyer (H), partner
Recognised specialist in labour law


Jeannie Wulff

Legal Secretary
Pulling together the threads in an experienced way

When things don't go as planned, it can go to a deadlock and maybe end up in court. Riemann has years of experience in both legal and arbitration cases at all levels, especially in our thesis areas.