Music and entertainment

Our years of experience in film and TV production have given us great insight into the industry

Music and entertainment is one of our core areas and we are passionate about working with the creative industries. We offer deeply specialised advice in relation to film and TV production, music, app development, events etc.

Film and TV
Our years of experience in film and TV production have given us great insight into the industry and we have built up a unique knowledge of the market. Film and TV is a vibrant and creative industry, with its quirks and pitfalls. We advise on production financing, securing underlying rights, licensing agreements and clearing music, as well as all types of contracts related to production. Finally, we assist producers in all aspects of risk management and insurance, including production insurance, completion guarantees and errors and omissions insurance in the context of international distribution. In short, we can assist film and TV production from the initial idea to final distribution, protecting our clients from unforeseen obstacles so they can concentrate on creating masterpieces.

The music business can sometimes feel like a maze. The music isn't that hard to understand, but the notes play in a web of rights holders, management organisations and interests that need to be taken into account. At Riemann we have a deep specialised knowledge of the music industry and its rights system - both in Denmark and internationally. We advise on all aspects of music publishing and music exploitation, including synchronisation, copyright infringement of musical works, sampling, etc. In addition, we assist our clients in drafting and negotiating all types of music agreements, including record contracts, publishing contracts, management agreements, endorsement agreements and distribution agreements.

Games, apps and digital services
Games, apps and various digital services are often new uses of existing or new technologies. We have been in the digital world for years and know the legal intricacies to know and deal with. We advise on rights protection, distribution, purchase and sale of digital entertainment solutions in a world that is constantly evolving.


Anders Kildsgaard

Lawyer (L), partner
One of the country's leading experts in his field


vanetha brodersen

Assistant attorney
Rights management in all phases of film and TV production


Jeannie Wulff

Legal Secretary
Pulling together the threads in an experienced way

We have advised and assisted clients in media and press disputes for several decades