Media & Libel

Advising and assisting clients in conflicts concerning today's media reality

Media law is one of our main areas of focus. For several decades, we have advised and assisted clients in conflicts involving the media and the press, and we have successfully conducted and settled a large number of high-profile cases in Denmark.


False, abusive or defamatory references to you or your business can be provocative and damaging. Not only for your pride and reputation, but also for your professional work. Much of the value we have as people or businesses lies in our good name and reputation, and sometimes you may need the help of the legal system to draw a line under the truth.
But you need to think carefully before you spend time and money bringing a defamation case. At Riemann, we are able to quickly and accurately analyse whether there is a case to be won, or whether it would be wiser to respond with a resounding silence.


We advise and assist our clients in all aspects of media law. In addition to advising and assisting our clients in defamation and libel cases, we provide professional, strategic advice on shitstorms, reputation management, the right to be forgotten, invasion of privacy and infringement of freedom of expression. We offer experienced and competent advice to ensure that individuals, companies or organisations can make the best possible recovery from an inappropriate situation.


Anders Kildsgaard

Lawyer (L), partner
One of the country's leading experts in his field


Bjarke Vejby

Lawyer (H), partner
Recognised specialist in labour law


Jeannie Wulff

Legal Secretary
Pulling together the threads in an experienced way

We advise on all legal aspects of digital solutions and technology